Henmilite is a hydrous borate found from Fuka deposit, Okayama Prefecture, Japan (Nakai et al., 1986, AM vol.71). This mineral was named for Drs. Kitinosuke Henmi and Chiyoko Henmi, Okayama University. The picture is from Takada et al. (2005, GKK vol. 34, 252-260).
Momoiite crystal from the Fujii mine, Fukui Prefecture. This mineral was reported by Tanaka et al. (2010, JMPS vol.105 92-96), as a new Mn- and V-dominant garnet from three localities in Japan: the Kurase mine (Ehime Prefecture), the Hokkejino mine (Kyoto Prefecture) and the Fujii mine. The name is in honor of Professor Hitoshi Momoi (1930-2002).
Ehimeite (IMA2011-023)(JMPS 107, 1-7) is the first Cr-dominant amphibole species which found from Higashi-Akaishi Mountain, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. Ehimeite is named after the locality, Ehime*.* The name changed to "chromio-pargasite" by new amphibole nomenclature in 2012.
Rhabdophane-(Y) occurs in a small druse in an alkali olivine basalt at Hinodematsu, Genkai-cho, Saga Prefecture. This mineral was reported by Takai and Uehara (2012, JMPS vol. 107, 110-113), as a new mineral of Y-dominant rhabdophane group.
The type specimen of tanohataite from Tanohata mine, Iwate Prefecture, Japan (Nagase et al., 2012 JMPS vol. 107, 149–154). Tanohataite is a new mineral of wollastonite group. The ideal formula is LiMn2Si3O8(OH), which corresponds to Li-analogue of cerandite. FOV 28mm.

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