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Notice for Presenters

Updated August  12, 2012

Presentation Instructions

Oral Presentations
1)  The time allotted for each presentation is for 15 minutes (included  for discussion).   
2)  Speakers use only LCD projector.
3)  All meeting rooms will be equipped with a PC for
Windows and
     a LCD projector for presentations.
4)  In order to ensure the smooth running of each session, speakers
    should test their files before presentation.
5) Speakers may bring their own PCs and prepare within their
     presentation time (
15 minutes).
7)  Especially
Macintosh users, should ensure that their their PCs are
     compatible with this operating system.
Poster Presentations
1) The maximum useable size of the poster boards is the width 118cm  x the length 174cm.
2)  Authors should be present at their poster boards during
the core

3) Set up your poster from 8:45 at the assigned day below:
    19 Sept: R4, S1, R6, Poster Award Entry
    20 Sept: S2, R2, R3, R8
    21 Sept: R1, R5, R7

Remove your poster from 17:00 on 19 and 20 Sept, 16:00 on 21 Sept
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