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Online Submission

Updated July 3, 2012

Online Abstract Submission is closed


Online Abstract Submission
* Upload your abstract file saved in only MS-WORD (.doc)  format
   according to
Abstract Style Guide (PDF).
* If you are
TeX user, you should upload only PDF file.
Presentation Requirement
  To “NON JAMS members”:
*You may apply for presentation if this is the first time at JAMS annual meeting, and a JAMS member is included as co-authors.
* You may not apply if this is the second time or “NON JAMS member authors only ”. You should become a member of JAMS.
*An author group must include at least one JAMS member.

JAMS members are required to enter their names' initials and a five-digit number.
* Non members should enter one of your co-author's membership
* We welcome your application for JAMS membership anytime.
* Send inquiries to
JAMS office about membership  number.